Revolution Parkour (RVPK) Gresham is dedicated to teaching parkour. While demonstrating respect and knowledge the RVPK instructor’s balance the teaching of proper parkour technique along with its philosophy and purpose, with training the physical condition comprised of strength, range of motion, aerobic endurance, bone density, joint alignment, and structural efficiency. Whether learning, training, or performing, parkour is first and foremost always safe, and keeping our students injury free through proper training and instruction is our number one priority.


RVPK was started in Beaverton in 2008 as one of the largest and longest established parkour gyms in the United States. In 2014 Revolution Parkour Gresham was started by Matt Antis & Ryland Lanagan as a parkour academy that also provided the instructors and equipment for freerunning instruction.



Born and raised in Portland, Ryland has been adventurous and athletic as far back as he can remember. He played many team sports growing up, but found other activities to be more fun: martial arts, tumbling, footbag, etc--sports where you move and improve reflexes and flexibility. Ryland moved back home after finishing his Army enlistment, along with his wife and oldest son Ryland II (R2). He was quickly becoming overweight and inactive. He pursued getting back in shape at a standard weights/cardio gym. The bigger the muscles got, the less he could move and the more joint pain he had. And he was bored. But then...Adam Dunlap started Revolution Parkour in 2008. At 30 years old, Ryland rediscovered a passion for moving. One of Dunlap's first students, he wants Parkour to be his Legacy for his sons, his students, and everyone. He says having a foundation of Parkour will improve athletic performance in any sport. Ryland is the lucky husband of wife Lily, and has two sons, Ryland II and Donovan.




“Parkour is a method of training which allows us to overcome obstacles, both in the urban and natural environments. It’s a weapon in disguise. We train… and when one day we encounter a problem, we know that we are able to use it.  It can be the art of flight, of the chase, of helping someone with a problem, something ordinary.” – David Belle


David Belle (born 29 April 1973) is well known as the founder of parkour. Belle founded parkour based on his training and the teachings from his father Raymond Belle. The discipline has since spread around the world and now has adherents in virtually every country. Belle is also an actor and choreographer, and he is well known for his work incorporating parkour into films such as in Brick Mansions, District B13, Babylon A.D., and Prince of Persia.

Revolution Parkour gives respect to David Belle as the founder of parkour and they listen to what he says about the discipline. “If we don’t demonstrate respect where it is due then how can we expect our students to respect us? If there is no respect then you can’t have Parkour, because without respecting each other or your surroundings there would be no environment to train in.” –Matt Antis

To learn more about David Belle click here to visit his website.


Q. Are you open today? 

If you ever need to know if we're open or closed for a day (due to holidays or inclement weather), please look at our online schedule!  The online schedule will change to reflect any closed business days (or canceled classes).

Q. Where are you? I can't see you from 8th Street.

We are located in the back behind Modern Family Dental.

Q. I missed a class last week, can I make it up this week? 

Yes.  Our weekly class schedule is Monday - Sunday.  Members are able to make-up classes up to one week after.  You may also make up your classes the week prior of you have a scheduled absent for the following week.  Members must meet in person, call, or e-mail to sign up for make-up classes (make-up classes cannot be signed up online).

Q. Are the instructors trained in CPR? 

Revolution Parkour is dedicated to creating and fostering a safe environment in which to learn parkour. Our instructors are CPR and First-Aid certified.

Q. What are the age limits/restrictions?

Students range from 8-76 yrs old. For our younger students we expect them to show discipline and be able to take instruction and follow the rules. If your son or daughter is unable to follow the rules they may be asked to leave.

Q. My child is 5-7 years old, do you have classes for them?

We do offer 10-week series for students between the ages of 5 and 7!  Look at our online schedule and click the "Jr. Parkour" tab to find out when they are available.  We do also allow private lessons at age 7 to allow new students the ability to get used to the gym and learn basics in a one-on-one setting. Private lesson times are available by appointment and are either 30 or 60 minutes. Call the front desk for availability. 

Q. What should I wear to class?

Loose fitting clothing. Shoes with good arch support. Please do not wear basketball shoes as they restrict proper landing form. You are more than welcome to go barefoot but we encourage you to bring shoes so that you are prepared for a day of wall runs if your toes aren't ready for the force and friction of our parkubes.

Q. Should I bring my own water?

We have sink available for use. Please bring your own water container. We have cups available but you may be required to "pay" for the cup with push-ups, squats or the workout of the day. 

Q. Do I need to/have to sign up for classes ahead of time?

No, but our classes do have a max capacity. Signing up ahead of time insures that you get into class.

Q. What if I'm interested in bartering for classes with a skill or service that I can provide?

Please let us know by requesting a scholarship trade application (opportunities are subject to availability) or contact us for more information.