Revolution Parkour Gresham Founder's Society

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It all started with a plan...

Bring our movement to East Portland, and the longer we looked, the farther east we found ourselves...but you stayed with us! It's like you knew that Gresham needed a parkour gym!

At one point we were so far into the heart of Gresham that we offered everyone their fundraising donation back...but you stayed with us! Not a single member of Revolution Parkour Gresham Founder's Society asked for a cent back which helped us build the first ever parkour gym in Oregon that also had a foam pit.

Over the years we've added some people to the RVPK Gresham Founder's Society. The following people have contributed time and energy to help keep the place clean, have donated equipment, have built new equipment like the warped wall, cliff hanger, salmon ladder and more.

RVPK Gresham Founder's Society additions:

  • David Grimes
  • Jason Budd
  • Ryan Brown
  • Rachel Forsythe
  • Lloyd Root
  • Neil Green
  • Will Bennett
  • The Tarbell Family
  • Anonymous x2
  • All of our cleaning volunteers!

From the bottom of our hearts at Revolution Parkour Gresham, from the students and staff, "Thank you! Thank you all for your continued support, your donations that made it all possible, and your love for movement!"